The offer of CMS Polska is always built to best meet the individual needs of our customers. Above all, we want to satisfy the full spectrum of your needs and requirements. Our range of products includes not only medical equipment and aids, but also all the materials essential for the running of a medical facility, surgery or a doctor's office. We also provide training.

We operate on the principle that the customers’ needs are the most important, and we respond flexibly to meet them to the best of our ability. If we do not have something in our product offer, please contact us – we will then create an offer that meets your expectations. Individual, custom orders are in fact our specialty.

We sell and distribute a wide range of medical equipment and products. 

Our offer includes the range of products used in inpatient health-care, and a wide selection of products for outpatient health-care.

We can fully equip and supply medical facilities and surgeries: family doctor's offices, surgeon's offices, surgeries specializing in orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, allergology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, dentistry, veterinary medicine, rehabilitation and many others.

Our offer includes inter alia:

  • disposable medical consumables,
  • specialty materials,
  • disinfectants for flat surfaces, medical instruments, hands, skin (swabs, wipes, lotions, concentrates, activators, creams),
  • exam table paper (bacteriostatic, with waterproof liner, cellulose)
  • medical gloves, surgical gloves (sterile, latex, vinyl, nitrile, powdered, slightly powdered, powder-free),
  • swabs, gauze, compresses, bandages (sterile, non-sterile, knitted, non-woven, elastic)
  • lignin in sheets and rolls,
  • hypodermic needles, butterfly needles, cannulas,
  • syringes (two-piece, three-piece, luer-lock, insulin syringes, tuberculin syringes, syringes for infusion pumps, catheters)
  • papers, electrodes and gels for ultrasound and ECG,
  • sutures (absorbable, non-absorbable),
  • scalpels,
  • gynecological speculums, cytology brushes, fixatives, probe covers, base slides, transport boxes,
  • dressing tape, band-aids, wound closure strips (non-woven, fabric, hypoallergenic)
  • sleeves and bags for sterilization,
  • medical waste containers, cartons,
  • odor absorbers, air fresheners,
  • industrial cleaners, reusable paper towels, ZZ towels for trays,
  • ... and many other products essential to everyday work in the health care industry.
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