Our product range

CMS Polska’s offer is always built to meet our customers' individual requirements. First of all, we want to meet the full spectrum of your needs. Our product range covers not only medical equipment, but also all materials important for the functioning of a health centre or medical practice. We also conduct training. 

We operate according to the principle that the client's needs are the most important, and we fully adjust to them. If anything is missing in our offer, contact us. We will create an offer to meet your needs: unusual orders are precisely what we specialise in. 

We sell and distribute medical products.

In our offer, you will find, among other items: 

  • medical protection sheeting,
  • medical gloves (latex, vinyl, nitrile), 
  • sterile surgical gloves,
  • disinfecting agents for flat surfaces and medical instruments, 
  • gauze (sterile and non-sterile),
  • compresses (sterile, non-sterile), 
  • lignin in sheets or rolls,
  • needles, syringes,
  • paper and gel for ultrasound and ECG examination, 
  • towels for dispensers, 
  • supplies for surgery, 
  • supplies for neurosurgery, 
  • supplies for orthopaedics,
  • sutures (absorbable, non-absorbable), 
  • scalpels, 
  • tape for dressings,
  • plasters, bandages, 
  • sterilisation accessories,
  • medical waste containers. 
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